A photo is just a picture until a photographer breathes life into it

At Lohar Studio we have a team of professional photographers and editors who create a lasting impact on the viewers mind with their photographs.

Experienced and Professional Team

For more than 15 years since our establishment, the photographers at Lohar Studios have evolved with the changing technology. From the classic vintage pictures to the HD urban clicks, we have mastered every type of photography to provide you with unrivalled results.

Our team uses high grade industrial photography equipment coupled with professional lighting arrangements.

We understand what it takes to click pictures that "wow" your customers. With the right knowledge of angle, posture, and positioning, our photographers click the best side of your products and models with their creativity.

Our Photography Services


For us, photography exceeds the boundary of craft. We sure know the techniques, but our pictures breathe life because we click every picture passionately. For you it might be a couple of pictures, but for our photographers, every individual picture tells a story. You'll see it too when you see our pictures. From Product photography to Lingerie and Boudoir photoshoots.

Lohar Studio has an impeccable experience of expertise in the categories we work for.


If you have a company, photography is a guaranteed way to increase the sales of your products. With professional expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, the photographers at Lohar studio click captivating HD images of your products and edit them. The size of the product doesn't matter, we will find a way to make it the highlight of your brand. Our product photographers have years of experience to speak for their work.

For any company, online marketing demands a professional 360 Virtual Tour view of every product. Lohar Studio has a dedicated room of equipment for capturing the 360-degree spin of your products.

To create a high perception of your brand and products, the photographers at Lohar Studio capture the essence of your values in your products. They project a positive brand image for your products by clicking them at the right angles.


In addition to that, capturing the personality of a model is essential to improve the image of your company. Our photographers have the knack of understanding the models and their best aspects. With their knowledge of posture and positioning, your model photoshoot is sure to be a success.

We also provide Commercial Photoshoot services along with Garment, Clothing, eCommerce, and Industrial photography for magazines, companies, and individuals.